We're Turning 40

Kumusta na? Did you know that our beloved academic organization is turning 40 years old this July? That’s right, the UPLB ComArts Society will celebrate four decades of providing a unique home and shaping the future of generations of AB Communication Arts students in the University of the Philippines at Los Baños. And on July 16, we’re highlighting our celebration with a grand party at the Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan!

This happy homecoming will feature music, food, booze, laughter, selfies, and a rare opportunity to bond with Soc brods and sisses from 1976 to 2016! Catch up with your batchmates. Meet up with former professors and college peeps (Mang Mar? ). Network with brods and sisses from business, media, or government. Reminisce about the good old days and look forward together to more years of the Soc. After all, FOREVER BEGINS AT 40!

Surely, you want more details.

Get your Soc batchmates together and take advantage of the 5 + 1 Discount Promo, available only this April!


Sinu-sino ang mga dadatnan ninyo?

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